Lock arms with local women philanthropists who are joining forces to make an IMPACT on Martin County

 ~ To join the 2018-19 Impact 100 Martin group, please click here. ~

Impact 100 Martin Founding Members – 2017-18

Samar Ahmed
Natalie Alvarez
Joan Amerling
Sheila F. Anthony
Tina Arechabala
Pat Austin
Chan (Rochanne) Bank
Ann Barwig
Mary Beth Bayersdorfer
Mary Baysinger
Suzi Beers
Denise Belizar
Tiann Berhoff
Nancy Bennett
Carol Boser
Amy Brunjes
Kit Cassidy
Ethel Christin
Lisa Compagno
Melissa Corbett
Maureen Cotter
Petey Cox
Audrey Crandall
Jan Crandall
Nancy Crowder-McCoy

Diane Dadko
Vicki Davis
Ann Decker
Nancy DelPriore
Denise Feenan
Noreen Fisher
Stephanie Flicker
Kate Freihofer
Lorett Fribourg
Jennifer Furtwangler
Beth Gaskin
Linda R. Geary
Genevieve George
Merle Ginsburg
Naureen Haider
Arati Hammond
Alisa Hart
Joan Harvey
Jane Helsing
Elizabeth Herold
April Hicks
Paula Hundt
Robin Hunt
Marianne Ireland
Alexandra Jodzio

Kelly Johnson
Emma Johnston
Marjie Jordan
Carrie Lavargna
Diane Lawrence
Karin Leone
Ellen Libby
Sabrina Malany
Georgia Cox Malone
Lisa Marshall
Elaine Matts
Susie McAllister
Katherine Mish
Carrie Morgridge
Jeannette Mueller
Linda K. Mundt
In memory of Maureen O’Connor
Judith Overdorf
Debi Owens
Joyce Page
Marianne Paulsen
Ellen Peitz
Kimberly Perron
Sandra Porter
Linda Prange
Stacy Ranieri
Claire Rankin

Karen Ripper
Suzi Romanik, in memory of Teddy Mishell
Joanne Schultz
Marilyn Siebrasse
Cynthia Slagter
Kathleen Slater
Tracy Sorzano
Eileen Sporing
Laurie Steiger
Ellyn Stevenson
Helena Tench
Anna Marie Tettamanti
Judith Tidikis
Joanne Towner
Janet Tuffy
Gytha Von Aldenbruck
Carol Waxler
Marianne Weder
Linda Weiksnar
Leslie White
Patricia Williams
Roseann Wolcott
Nancy Wong
Marian Wossum
Rita May Wright
Katie Zaccheo

Our Mission: To engage a dynamic group of women philanthropists to bring forth new resources aimed at enriching the community through strategic high-impact grant making; Impact 100 Martin will engage, develop, and inspire women to create change in our community.

How We Work: Members will make contributions which are pooled together to fund grants of $100,000. Some members will actively participate in the grant solicitation and review process.  These members will vet all applications and select the finalists.  Each year at the annual meeting, nonprofit finalists will be invited to speak. ALL Impact 100 members will vote, and grants will be awarded.

How We Are Organized:

  • Impact 100 Martin is a simple commitment to efficient philanthropy with maximum impact.
  • Membership is open to any woman with a contribution of $1,100.
  • Areas of focus will be determined by the Impact 100 members. Nonprofits will apply online.
  • Impact 100 Martin is a field of interest fund of the Martin County Community Foundation.

Geographic Area of Focus: Grants will be awarded to non-profit organizations serving Martin County.

Membership Invitation:  Full amount of membership is tax deductible

  • Commit to an annual contribution of $1,100 – $ 1,000 grant award pool; $100 annual meeting & operational overhead

Membership Responsibilities:

  • Become a Member (because you desire to be a part of something innovative and impactful).
  • Attend the annual grant-making meeting (be a part of giving away transformational $100,000 grants) and if you are feeling ambitious and have the time, you can participate on one of four committees: Events, Grants, Marketing/Communication, and Membership.

 For information on becoming an Impact 100 Martin Member:

Arati Hammond arati@palmcityforsale.com or (772) 342-5599

Linda Weiksnar LLW@crarybuchanan.com or (772) 287-2600


Checks can be made payable to and addressed to:

Martin County Community Foundation

789 SW Federal Highway, Suite 214

Stuart FL 34997

            *Please write Impact 100 Martin in memo field of check.