Gytha Von Aldenbruck – 2017 Sage Awards Winner

Gytha Von Aldenbruck was honored with the award for Community Service during the Council on Aging of Martin County’s second annual Sage Awards ceremony on March 25 at the Kane Center in Stuart.

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MCCF Announces Frances Langford Grant Finalists

The Martin County Community Foundation narrowed its nonprofit list for funding from the Frances Langford Fund for Martin County.

MCCF narrows list for Frances Langford Fund

“Martin County is blessed to have so many strong charitable organizations working to enrich the community,” said Elizabeth Barbella, the president of the Martin County Community Foundation.

The Martin County Community Foundation is one step closer to distributing grants through funds from the recently established Frances Langford Fund for Martin County.

Nonprofit expert, Brian Foss, joins Martin County Community Foundation Board

“It is an honor to join the Martin County Community Foundation, which is known for its track record and respected leadership,” – Brian Foss

The Martin County Community Foundation welcomed a noted nonprofit expert and author, Brian Foss, to its seven-member board of directors, its executive director announced December 1, 2016.

Announcing MCCF’s Newest Committee Members

Martin County Community Foundation would like to welcome its newest committee members, Bonney Johnson and Kate Freihofer.

Bonney brings 29 years of experience to the Grants Committee. Kate’s 20-year career as a Financial Analyst will lend itself to her role on the Investment Committee. We are excited to have them both on board and look forward to their impact.


Philanthropist Carrie Morgridge Talks Giving & Philanthropy

liz_9464-13“I am looking for the people who are problem solvers and have a positive approach; the ones who say, ‘Yes, we can do that. Yes, we can figure that out. Yes, that is possible.’ Those are the people I want to work with.” – Carrie Morgridge

Elizabeth Barbella, Executive Director of the Martin County Community Foundation, interviewed Carrie Morgridge, Vice President of the Morgridge Family Foundation, at Sailfish Point Club on December 1st. Carrie gave a candid inside look at her journey as a philanthropist during an informal interview that was the first in a Conversation Series with noted philanthropists the Foundation will host in 2017.

How The Martin County Community Foundation Is Working To Benefit Local Nonprofits, Thanks To A Generous Gift

After nearly three decades of cultivating the growth of charitable causes, the Martin County Community Foundation is ready to “make it rain” for a select few non-profits.

You’re wealthy. Fabulously wealthy. With more money than you can possibly spend. But, you don’t want to spend it all. You want to give some of it away. A lot of it, in fact.

Not to just anyone, however. To an organization whose mission you admire, whose efforts remain relevant and bold, yet attainable, and whose history demonstrates solvency and reliability. Whether quietly or to carry forward your legacy, you want to give big. But responsibly and with purpose. It’s what you truly believe is right. And you’re in the blessed position to do so.

Elizabeth Barbella Announces October Event for Area Non-Profits

It has been 11 years since beloved entertainer and philanthropist Frances Langford passed away. Her memory and legacy remain strong as our community continues to benefit from her vision and generosity through the Langford Fund for Martin County, the newest named fund under the direction of the Martin County Community Foundation. Elizabeth Barbella, MCCF Executive Director,  will welcome all Martin County non-profit CEO’s, Executive and Development Directors to a coffee reception at 10 a.m. on October 14 at the Dolphin Bar in Jensen Beach to introduce The  Langford Fund and to present guidelines for the 2017 grant applications. The Martin County Community Foundation was recently honored to receive $7.7 million from the Langford Trust to provide funding in perpetuity to organizations and causes most dear to Ms. Langford, who gave $26 million, directly to Martin County charities in the decade after her passing.