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Michael Verde speaks to philanthropists about Transcendent Leadership

Michael Verde spoke to an intimate group of philanthropists, fundholders, board members, and special invited guests about Transcendent Leadership.

“Today was a perfect example of what we say about Martin County Community Foundation in our literature – it provides philanthropically motivated people to have very special learning experiences in an intimate setting.” – Brian Foss, MCCF Board Members and Fundholder.


10 Traits that Make Nonprofits Great – Collaboration in action


Martin County Community Foundation’s board member Brian Foss led a sold-out room of nonprofit leaders and their selected board members to discuss Ten Traits That Make Nonprofits Great.



Michael Verde on the Power of Connection



The Martin County Community Foundation hosted an exclusive event in March at the Huizenga Family Center for a gathering of our most valued philanthropists where Michael Verde presented “Living in Fullness Everyday: The Spirit of Communication”.


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Peter Lawson-Johnston on Growing Up Guggenheim


In early March, Peter Lawson-Johnston, author of “Growing Up Guggenheim”, spoke to local philanthropists gathered at the home of Ellyn and Ray Stevenson about his life, his family, and his work, all marked by the legacy of his great grandfather, Solomon R. Guggeneheim, a name long associated with great art and philanthropy.




Philanthropist Carrie Morgridge Talks Giving & Philanthropy

liz_9464-13“I am looking for the people who are problem solvers and have a positive approach; the ones who say, ‘Yes, we can do that. Yes, we can figure that out. Yes, that is possible.’ Those are the people I want to work with.” – Carrie Morgridge

Elizabeth Barbella, Executive Director of the Martin County Community Foundation, interviewed Carrie Morgridge, Vice President of the Morgridge Family Foundation, at Sailfish Point Club on December 1st. Carrie gave a candid inside look at her journey as a philanthropist during an informal interview that was the first in a Conversation Series with noted philanthropists the Foundation will host in 2017.